Pritviraj and Dileep turns Sardarji

A fierce race has started between Dileep and Prithviraj over doing the role of a Sardarji!

Dileep a few months back had worked out a script with Rafi Mecartin, where he will play a Sardarji in Lucky Singh.

Meanwhile arch rival Prithviraj and his Pokkiri Raja director Vaisakh had planned a new film Mallu Singh, where Prithviraj Pritvi is acting as Hari Sing who is a Malayalee guy disguised as Sardarji living in Punjab!

Whose Sardarji will hit the theatres first? Both Dileep and Pritviraj are in a mad rush to turn a Punjabi, as there is always a first mover advantage.

Last week Prithvi did a photo shoot in Kochi in his Sardarji getup. He really looks fantastic in Sardar get up. The Vaisakh directed Mallu Singh is likely to come out earlier than Rafi Mecartin directed Lucky Singh.

Meanwhile Dileep has got busy with Rafi Mecartin’s multi-starrer China Town. Their Lucky Sing will start only after China Town is completed by March 2011.

As far as Prithviraj and Vaisakh are concerned it is Balle Balle Mallu Singh!

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