Pulival Kalyanam


Pulival Kalyanam
Producer:Govind Films
Lyrics: Kaithapram

Cast: Jayasurya, Kavya Madhavan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Lal, Salim Kumar , Harisri Ashokan
Music : Berni Ignatius

When Jayasurya goes to borrow some money from the financier Manavalan (Salim Kumar), he (Salim Kumar) is seen wearing an Eastman color dress, dark glasses and talking as if he is in a drama. He points his thumb at Jayasurya and asks him what that is. Jayasoorya replies, “Thumb”. “No”, says Salim Kumar, “It is Abdullah”. Then he shakes his thumb and asks what that is. He himself says, “Sheikh Abdullah”. Now you get an idea for the quality of jokes in this comedy film which has almost every comedy actor in Malayalam film industry.

The story is about Jayasurya who as a child is adopted by Lal as his brother. Lal and family run a fireworks business and it was to expand this business that Jayasurya went to borrow money. In a bank, his cell phone gets swapped with Kavya Madhavan, who is the daughter of a rich businessman (Lalu Alex). They both start getting each other’s calls and start falling in love after many comic scenes. By then it is only the interval. So some complications are added and how they get resolved is the story.

As per another law which was passed by Kerala Govt., in every comedy which has Jagathi Sreekumar, Harisri Asokan, Salim Kumar and Cochin Haneefa, Jagathi must be having a decent job and be well dressed and Harisri Asokan should either be a beggar or in some profession just above it. Salim Kumar has to look pathetic and gaudy and Cochin Haneefa has to be the idiot. As in Meesha Madhavan, these characters portray the same role in this movie as well, thus confirming to the law.

It must be either Confucius or Aristotle who said, “Don’t over analyze movies in which both Salim Kumar and Harisri Asokan are there”, but still we have to offer some words of wisdom to spare you the agony of watching this movie. Such comedy movies do not rely on the story, but on individual scenes and the dialogues. Some of the dialogues are funny, but most of it just the same old stuff. Credit has to be given to the director Shafi not making all these actors over-act, but even he could not refrain making from Harisri Asokan’s character so irritating. (Why does he have to make a remark after each person’s dialogue?).

Jayasurya still has a long way to go in being a comic hero. Kavya Madhavan looks pretty and not much acting is required from her in this movie. Out of all the songs composed by Berny Ignatious, only one, Aaru Paranju sung by Jayachandran and Chitra is good.

This movie is not as low as a mimicry movie, but just a few notches above it and a few notches below mediocre.

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