Raghuvinte Swantham Rasiya Movie Review

Cast: Thilakan, Meghana Raj, Charu Hassan, Sphadikam George
Direction: Vinayan
Music: Sajan Madhav

The first card that you see while watching the new Vinayan movie ‘Reghuvinte Swantham Raziya’ is the thanks card to the courts and then to his supporters, for allowing the director to continue with doing his job. But with the movie, the director seems to have accumulated everything in the book that would convert all his supporters to his life long enemies. No thanks giving stuff here, Vinayan ji, this is simply fatal film making.

Vinayan’s ‘Raghuvinte Swantham Rasiya’ claims to bring in winds of change in Mollywood. But with the most ordinary of the story lines, pathetic sequences, unbelievable twists and every other customary Vinayan ingredients from rape to bath scenes, the movie stoops down to the worst in Vinayan’s list of films.And undoubtedly, the movie will meet with the same results in the Box office too.

The movie has Megna raj as Rasiya, a wealthy Muslim girl and grandchild of freedom fighter Bapu Musaliar (Chaaruhaasan)who has fallen for the boy next door named Reghu, the grandchild of their family friend ‘Kuttappan Bhaagavathar(Thilakan). Reghu who is a ‘90 percent mark’ holder in plus two couldn’t continue his studies due to economic problems and is now doing everything to keep his family at ease. And in the intervals, he is ready to pay the phone bills of Raziya, and also to do her college assignments.

When Rasiya’s dad Aboobaker(Sphadikam George) gets to know about her girls sentiments, he plots a plan and ask Reghu to secure a good job , prove himself and comeback for Raziya. And for that he even helps him by giving a recommendation letter to one of his friends Jamaal, who recruits youths to terrorist camps in Pakistan. Shortly after we see Reghu in a new avatar, as a hardcore terrorist, who is grabbed to the jail after a bomb explosion killing a fifty people. And the rest of the unthinkable leads may unleash before you on screen, if you really decide to succumb yourself to a crime to your body and soul.that is to be in theatres screening this movie.

The movie has Vinayan at his best in testing your patience. His new protagonist played by Mohanakrishnan cuts a sorry figure, on screen and as a character. He doesn’t have a good screen presence and has the least onscreen chemistry with the heroine. The script lines and dialogues by Adv Manilal don’t match that of a quality cinema and plenty of melodrama without needed intensity also spoils the interest, if any. The comedy track is another completely sore area.

Mehnaraj as Raziya is the only highlight of the movie. She remains beautiful all through in interesting costumes, though she’s awkward in a few sequences initially, but gets it right subsequently. The rest of the cast from Sphadikam George to Charuhasan and Thilakan have an inconsistent topsy-turvy journey in the narratives. In the technical side Nawaz has gone for some good framing’s behind camera but the art direction and B G scores add to the pains of the movie. The songs by Sajan Madhav are mediocre and doesn’t interest you.

Altogether, the film that does not connect with the viewer, hasn’t mustered a good opening at most places. And with too many releases in the week, its survival prospects at the box-office seems weak.

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