Rajinikanth’s next is Dheera?

Soundarya Rajinikanth’s Sultan – the Warrior has undergone a name change once again. The film was initially titled Sultan – the Warrior and then it was announced that it has been renamed as Hara. It was said that the title was changed in order to get the entertainment tax exemption.

The latest on this film is that the title has once again been changed and the filmmakers have decided on Dheera this time around. As there will be two Rajinis in this film – one animated and the other real – and one of them is called Dheera, it has been decided to use that name as the title.

There is also a talk that the film will be completed before Rajini gets on with Rana. Soundarya Rajinikanth is working on this project meticulously as it involves a lot of computer graphics.

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