img527/1466/untitled11fa7.jpgBanner:    Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures
Cast:    Manoj Kumar, Sheela, Giribabu, Thanikella Bharani, Bramhanandam, Ali, Sunil, Mallikarjuna rao, Venu madhav, Rajiv Kanakala
Direction:    Surya Kiran
Production:    Dr. Mohanbabu .M
Music:    Yuvan Shankar Raja


Manoj Kumar and Suryakiran are both in need of a good hit. Manoj Kumar’s last film is Sri and after that he took a gap. Similarly, Suryakiran could only deliver his first film as hit. Rajubhai, based on Tamil hit film Chitram Peduthadi, could have been the film for them. Though that purpose may not serve, the film definitely gets good reviews for Manoj Kumar.

Raju is a free going guy. He works for Baba (Kadal dandapaani) who is a goon. Raju falls for Anjali (Sheela). He mends his life style for her. Quits job with Baba and leads a good life. Anjali also loves Raju. every thing is settled and almost when their marriage is about to be fixed, Raju is arrested during a police raid on a brothel house. Anjali rejects him outrightly. What happens next is the rest of the film.

Manoj’s performance is one of the highlights of the film along with good songs and nicely composed action sequences.img408/4367/rajubhai210507lh3.jpg Manoj’s energy is seen in the songs. His maturity with performance is proven in the scenes when he is seperated from Anjali. For Sheila also, this is a good film. She got good scope and she is apt as girl next door. Dandapani, thanikella Bharani, Giri Babu, Sarnya, Rajeev Kanakala are content in their roles. Though he got a song, Sunil’s role is not that impressive. Ali, Brahmanandam and MS narayana’s track is old one but is good for a few laughs. Suryakiran makes a guest appearance in the film.

Story by Miskin is good (although the twist in the film reminds of Kotalarayudu film). Suryakiran, however, failed to give a gripping screenplay. First half of the film is boring. And it feels like watching like a Tamil film. Except for the songs, there is not much in the first half. Songs are done very good though. Manoj’s entrance song is full of beat and energy. Yevaru neevu song is also visual treat. Things get better in the second half as the narration gets good. Also, the twist in the film is revealed at a good time. Kanti Papa song that comes in the second half is very good. Particularly, the lyrics written by Ramajogayya Sastry for that song is excellent. Also, climax fight is done very well.img408/189/rajubhairev20053czz1.jpg

Prasad Morella did good work with camera. Special effects by Think Smart are also good. On whole, positive points in Raju Bhai are good songs, Manoj’s performance, and good stunts. Negatives are lack of comedy, too many twists, screenplay and no proper characterization for heroine.

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