Rakhi to make Ramdev lose his virginity?

After yoga guru Baba Ramdev called her confessions of love an ochi baat, the self-proclaimed hottest item girl Rakhi Sawant has challenged him to come on ‘Bigg Boss’ and she’ll make him lose his virginity.

After Baba Ramdev publicly snubbing Rakhi Sawant on singing reality show, Rakhi Sawant has challenged him to accompany her to celebrity reality show ‘Bigg Boss’.

With full confidence she stated that when Ramdev comes face-to-face with her adaayein, he will definitely lose his virginity.

“I can make Ramdev lose his virginity,” said Rakhi.

She added that if Colors invite her as a wild card entry in ‘Bigg Boss 5’ along with Ramdev then she will show him her capabilities.

Rakhi confesses that she loves Ramdev despite his not-so-appealing looks.

“There are many people who tell me that they find Ramdev quite ugly. Par dil laga gadhi se toh pari kya cheez hai! I still love him! After all, he fought for corruption and I lost weight because of his yoga. He should be proud that the hottest item girl of India has fallen for him despite his sad looks!”

Rakhi plans to shave off Baba’s beard: “I don’t like his beard, and I would like to know how he looks without it. So, one day I will make him go clean-shaven.”Rakhi to make Ramdev loose his virginity?

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