Ranbir plays peacemaker between Jha, Nana

Ranbir Kapoor, who was seen as a scheming politician in “Raajneeti”, brought Prakash Jha and Nana Patekar together after their public fallout.

Apparently Ranbir, who got along like a house on fire with Nana during the shooting of “Raajneeti” in Bhopal, didn’t relish the uneasy silence between the two veterans. He decided to end the cold war between them when on an impulse, he dialed Nana’s number from Kong Kong where he had gone with Jha for a “Raajneeti” event.

When Nana answered the phone, Ranbir quickly handed it over to Jha.

Confirming that the cold war between him and Nana is over, Jha said: “We are once again connected. Nana is delighted by the success of ‘Raajneeti’ and is keeping tabs on the film’s progress. He didn’t come for the ‘Raajneeti’ celebration. But he called to say he wouldn’t come because he never attends functions.”

And now Nana is in constant touch enjoying the success of “Raajneeti”.

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