Ranveer doesn’t have a love life

Ranveer Singh is the talk of the town.

Gaining tremendously from the appreciation coming his way for ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’, Ranveer is now being hailed as the star to be watched out for as he has managed to impress one and all in his debut outing itself. A dark horse, Ranveer claims that it was his single minded dedication to get into the world of films that worked in his favour. His desire was to act as a lead in a prestigious banner and it was this very desire to succeed that actually kept him away from getting involved with that someone special.

Though one finds it hard to believe that there is no place for a woman in his life, Ranveer says, “For last so many months, I have been totally focused on making this film work. All my energy was into ‘Band Baaja Baaraat’. Really, there was no time for love.”

Well, it is actually hard to believe but one still chooses to listen to what this young man has to say. “Right now, the most special people in my life have been my friends, family and the people who have been working with me,” Ranveer continues his diplomatic stance, “Really, for last one year at least, I haven’t had time to settle down with anyone.”

Well Ranveer, how about the one whom you may have met before you got all busy? Care to spill the beans?

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