Ranveer Singh Shows Attitude Like SRK

Well, it is surprising to read this. Is Ranveer getting too arrogant, has success gone to his head..?, well industry insiders are buzzing newcomer Ranveer who made a dream debut with a reasonable hit ‘Band Bajaa Baarat’ under the Indian premier production house YRF films is showing his starry tantrums and people say that he is behaving like he is someone like SRK.

Sources say that Ranveer has forgotten his days of struggle when he had to run from pillar to post with his snaps for a role.

An industry close hand reveals that there are complains of Ranveer’s arrogance and makers who were willing to cast Ranveer are facing problems…

Well maybe Ranveer might be enjoying his new found success and if there’s any truth to this story then we humbly request Ranveer to land down on earth otherwise ignore and move on

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