Reason for AB Jr not attending the match

As the who’s who of  Bollywood descended at the Mohali Cricket stadium yesterday to witness the match between India and Pakistan, actor Abhishek Bachchan who inspite of having tickets to the match preferably stayed indoors to watch the action.

Source added that, “AB Jr had ten tickets for the match but he was eager to watch it along with the public for which the authorities one suppose didn’t given him the permission as the event already was witnessing eminent politicians apart from Big Bollywood celebrities, so the security problem cited him not to see the match”.

Persuasion from Suniel Shetty and Apoorva lakhia did happened but the Guru Kanth Desai of Guru politely said no to them before tuning to his TV set in home and cheering for team India.

We wonder whether it was a certain Vivek Oberoi who prompted Bachchan Jr to sit among crowds and watch the action instead of being in VIP boxes. Mind you Vivek was always spotted with the crowd in all India games cheering for the team.

Yes, we understood your problem AB baby; it’s the euphoria in the crowd that will make the game a memorable experience.

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