RGV’s latest tweets on Chiranjeevi

Ram Gopal Varma never stops! Here come his new updates on Twitter about actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi. (Remember, RGV has been constantly tweeting about Chiranjeevi these days?)

The director expressed his views about who should direct megastar’s 150th film. According to RGV, no director in Tollywood is capable of making a perfect film with Chiranjeevi, except Chiranjeevi himself. He added that with an experience of 149 films, if Chiranjeevi doesn’t know film making (directing), then none in the industry would know it better.

“According to me the only director who will be capable of directing chiranjeevi in his 150th film is chiranjeevi himself.”

“If after 149 films experience chiranjeevi doesn’t know what film making is then who the hell can know?”

“Aftr the long gap chiranjeevi has taken no existing director cn excite me.. but if he does it himself I will be first in the queue.”

“Whole andhra pradesh will die to see a film directed by chiranjeevi.. I can’t wait to see a title card which saya ‘Directed by chiranjeevi.”

“Sm drctrs mde chiranjeevi flop.. bt chiranjeevi mde no drctr flop nd tht itself is proof tht he undrstnds direction more than any director.”

“150th film of chiranjeevi directed by chiranjeevi himself is going to be the most awaited film since the invention of movie camera in 1910.”

“I as a fan nd a citizen of andhra pradesh wil nt be satisfied with any drctr fr hs 150th film no matter who he is except if it is mega star.”

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