Richa praises Dhanush and Selva

Richa Gangopadhyay is thrilled with her debut vehicle, Mayakkam Enna, opposite Dhanush and directed by Selvaraghavan. The actress is in awe of Dhanush since he has turned in a brilliant performance. She has been raving about him to all her friends and claims it is amazing how he keeps attaining new heights as an actor. His humility and capacity for hard work has also impressed Richa. About Selva, she says simply that he is a genius.

About her character in the film, Richa admitted that she is absolutely in love with the role. Selva is making a poignant and beautiful film and her character is integral to it. She says that her character will win a lot of hearts but other than that she is keeping mum because she does not want to ruin the suspense.

Richa who is a known face in Telugu cinema is making her debut in Tamil with Selva and Dhanush’s film and she also has Osthi with STR. The actress is gleeful and says that she cannot ask for more.

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