Sadhu Miranda

saduBanner:    Alka Film Corporation
Cast:    Prasanna, Kavya Madhavan, Abbas, Manoj K Jayan, Kalabavan Mani, Kanja Karuppu, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Manivannan, Karunas, Bhaskar, Vaiyapuri, Charlie

Direction:    Siddhique
Music:    Deepak Dev




With an impressive track record of all hits and no misses in his film career, Siddique certainly has what it takes to deliver a successful movie in what he’s best at– comedy. Though a tad off from his usual turf, Sadhu Miranda is the director’s attempt at mixing a cocktail of comedy and suspense. His intelligence in scriptwriting oozes out of every frame, as does his prowess in executing a well-crafted script.

Interestingly, revealing the story wouldn’t mean spoiling the fun- for Siddique makes sure (save for a few logic-defying scenes) that he sustains the suspense with his clever, unmatched storytelling.

Sadhu Miranda Movie Review

Abbas and his brother rob a bank in broad daylight. The amount, Rs.20 crores, is part of a government fund deposit. In the process, the siblings accidentally slay the hero’s (Prasanna) sister who happens to be an innocent bystander at the crime scene. She’d been waiting at the bank for an educational loan. Now, after the bank robbery, to ease the risk of legalizingsadu the mammoth sum, Abbas flies to the USA and employs illegal means to convert the money. He changes the money into dope and tries to pay for it in India using the help of his brother.

Meanwhile, predictably, Prasanna seeks vengeance for his sister’s death and abducts Abbas’ brother who guards the loot. He also dupes the brother and makes Abbas reap what he sows. This includes stealing Abbas’ crush, Kavya Madhavan, from him.

Siddique knows his onions and has you guessing till the end with this convoluted but suspenseful story that’s just a little short of being above average. At times, it even feels amateurish. (This is probably because a fusion of comedy and suspense is difficult to maintain). For how many times have we stifled a yawn at scenes

Sadhu Miranda Movie Review

showing a beloved brother employing foolproof tactics to get the baddies who slaughtered his poor sister?

Prasanna steals the show with consummate ease, playing the vengeful youngster and naïve lad. He exudes charm and poise, announcing the arrival of another promising actor on the block. The role of a sophisticated bank robber fits Abbas like few roles have recently. Kavya tries to emote beyond sadujust using her eyes expressively, but often fails in the process.
Rest of the cast include Manivannan, Manoj K Jayan, Kotta Srinivasa Rao, M.S. Bhaskar, Karunas, Charlie, and Vayyapuri. Prathap V Kumar’s cinematography, editing by T. R. Sekhar and Gowrishankar are noteworthy. Gokula Krishna’s dialogues are funny in parts, crisp and clever in others. However, the music by Deepak Dev isn’t particularly good. Also, the intervals at which the songs come on seem to intrude on the story.

Counting out a few illogical scenes that stand out (although they are not eyesores), Sadhu Miranda is a movie worth catching if you are in a nonchalant mood to kill a few hours watching a Tamil suspense-comedy.

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