Saif Ali Khan faces assault charges for hotel fight

Actor Saif Ali Khan allegedly got into a brawl at the Wasabi Restaurant in the Taj Hotel in South Mumbai with another patron last night.

The scuffle has mushroomed into something more serious now that a case has been registered against Saif under section 325 of the IPC.

According to reports, Saif was having dinner at the restaurant with Kareena Kapoor and a few friends when a patron at another table, Iqbal Sharma, complained about the noise Saif’s party was making.

Heated words were exchanged between the two tables after which matters escalated further. Iqbal claims that Saif eventually punched him.

Iqbal reported the matter to the police the next day who are now looking into the matter.

The offence is minor and Saif should make bail easily.

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