Saif is a unique man: Kareena Kapoor

Love between Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan only keeps growing stronger with every passing day. Now dating for more than three years, the two gel together like Romeo and Juliet, though we don’t hope for a Shakespearean tragedy in this love story.

Kareena makes no bones about admitting that she’s lucky to have a man like Saif as a lover.

“Very few people get love in life and such a supportive partner. Of course, I am very lucky that I have got a partner like Saif. He is a very unique man. His thoughts are much different from others and he always encourages me to work,” Kareena said in an interview.

The duo has been shooting together for Agent Vinod for some time. Kareena says very often Saif is unaware of latest developments in Bollywood, including the new films she’s signed up.

“He is like a Hollywood actor who stays mostly in his own world. He wants to do certain films and produce movies like Hollywood star,” Bebo raves about her man.

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