Sakkarakatti marks the debut of director Kalaprabhu, hero Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj and Ishitha Sharma, one of the heroines. The film, a triangular love story, progresses on a determined track and clear pace from the start; when it reaches the finish line, it leaves a fine impression on the audiences.

Yuvaraj (Shanthnoo) is a young college student. His cousin Reema (Vedika) stays with Yuvaraj’s family. Being childhood friends, Yuvaraj and Reema commute to college together daily. Though society expects and assumes that Reema will be Yuvaraj’s life partner some day, Yuvaraj is very clear about his relationship with Reema. He even manages to brush aside all his friends’ curious questions and comments. For him, Reema is his dear cousin. However, sensitive Reema does not feel so. Yuva is her trustworthy friend and guide; the security and warmth in their friendship makes her look upon him as her fiancé. In fact, for her, Yuvaraj is the throbbing centre of her whole world. However she keeps her feelings to herself and continues to be ‘just friends’ with Yuva.

Meanwhile, Yuva begins to like his new college-mate Deepali (Ishitha Sharma). Though Deepali too falls in love with charming Yuva, she doubts his friendship/ relationship with Reema. Also, carried away by her friends’ remarks, she believes that something of serious magnitude is brewing between Yuva and Reema. This doubt causes her to distance herself from Yuvaraj and prevents her from expressing her feelings for him. So what happens next? Will Yuvaraj get through the maze of misunderstanding and win Deepali’s heart? Will Deepali understand the true nature of the relationship between Yuva and Reema as well as Yuva’s side in it? Will Reema be prudent to give up her one-sided love? Watch Sakkarakatti to know!

Debutante director Kalaprabhu has completely relied on the simple yet intriguing storyline for the success of Sakkarakatti; his confidence has indeed won! Shanthnoo, son of writer-director-actor K. Bhagyaraj proves to be a very solid performer throughout the film. Representing a sophisticated young man in a metropolis, Shanthnoo’s demeanour and attitude are cool. His facial expressions and body language are so naturanl and confident that he does not look like a debut hero. We must admit that the young performer is blessed with the creative genes from his star parents and sister. Vedika and newcomer Ishitha Sharma too have performed competently.

Above all, A.R. Rahman’s music is Sakkarakatti’s highlight. The endearing picturisation of these songs add to the enjoyment. In fact, next to Shankar, Kalaprabhu seems to be the creator who looks forward to adding an appealing touch to the song sequences. The sets, the backdrop as well as the artists’ costumes and colour coordination between them indeed present a visual treat. ‘Taxi Taxi’, the most popular and youthful number has been shot twice; ‘Marudani’ ‘I miss you da’ are the other lovely tunes in the film.

Cinematographers Andrew and Raaza Madhi deserve special credit for the success and reach of the songs. Also, the whole film has been presented in an appropriate and impressive angle. It emphasizes the theme as well as the significance of the characters. Sakkarakatti is a sweet and cheerful romantic entertainer to be enjoyed and savoured with your loved ones

Banner:    VV Creations
Cast:    Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Ishita, Vedika
Direction:    Kalaprabhu
Production:    Kalaipuli S.Dhanu
Music:    A R Rehman

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