Sanjjanaa movies coming soon

Sanjjanaa is happy since many of her films will be releasing soon. The first will be Indrajith Lankesh’s Huduga Hudugi, slated to release on 12th November in which Sanjjanaa has many important scenes. Sanjjanaa says she did not do the film with commercial aspect in mind; she did the film since director Indrajith Lankesh is her good friend. Huduga Hudugi will be followed by Mylari, one of her most awaited releases, which is planned for release on December 3rd. The title song ‘Mylapura Mylari’ sung by Puneet Rajkumar is already a hit song and features Sanjjanaa and Shivarajkumar. Sanjjanaa is excited and is looking forward to the public response to this song.

Following Mylari will be I Am Sorry, Mate Bani Preetisona, releasing in the last week of December, which promises to be a big hit. The most interesting aspect of this film is the final song, to be choreographed by none other than Remo Fernandez. This is first time ever that Remo is choreographing a song for a Kannada film. Sanjjanaa is thrilled and happy about her luck.

Sanjjanaa will soon begin shooting for the final schedule of her Telugu film Dushyasana in Ramoji Film City. Dushyasana is directed by Posani Krishna Murali Gaaru; Srikanth is the main lead actor. Dushyasana is slated to release in January.

Sanjjanaa is also excited with her debut Malayalam film Casanova opposite super star Mohanlal. The second schedule of Casanova is scheduled in Dubai this December. Casanova is produced by Dr. Roy of Confident Group and directed by Roshan Andrews. There are four heroines in Casanova and Sanjjanaa has a major role in it.

Sanjjanaa is happy and thrilled about the spate of her forthcoming releases and new films. She adds that she has been working hard on each and every film with dedication and honesty for the past one year, so she is confident all her films will do well and make an impact.

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