Sarathkumar daughter’s open talk

Sarathkumar daughter Varalakshmi is currently pairing with Simbhu in the film Poda Podi. When asked her that why there is a delay in the release of this film, she said, “The director is very keen that the film should come out well.

We have already shot in foreign locations. Only three song sequences are remaining to be shot. Once this is completed, the film will be released. Apart from this, I am debuting as an actress in this film. So there is nothing wrong to take some extra efforts. Apart from this there is no other reason for the delay. People are asking me that how was my experience with Simbhu and the shooting in London.

I have studied by MBA in London, because of this I am very familiar with the streets and roads. When we were shooting there, I had a feel as if the shooting is taking place in our streets. Simbhu is a very friendly person. He will expect perfection in makeup and action since he is also a director. While acting, he will give lots of tips.
He is very dedicated. If the shot is good, he will never hesitate to appreciate. I am donning the role of a dancer in this film. I am well versed in Bharatanatyam. I am also an exponent in all the dances including salsa. I have been learning dance from my very young age.”

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