Sasirekha Parinayam

The title Sasirekha Parinayam has been taken from an episode in the Black and White cult classic Mayabazaar.The similarity ends right there. In this film, the director sheds light on the evils of forcing girls into marriage and other such indignities and outrages that girls in India suffer from even today.

Sasirekha (Genelia) is called home urgently by her father (Ahuti Prasad), a rich man in her village. Leaving her studies she rushes home, only to realize that her marriage has been fixed with an NRI and her wishes carry no weight with her father. She finds out that her wedding is due to take place on the very day of her arrival. Coming to know that her prospective father-in-law is greedy and demanding a lot of money and property from her parents, she decides to run away as she is unable to convince her father to cancel her impending marriage.

Anand (Tarun) bumps into Sasirekha while she’s running away and he tags along with her. He protects the innocent girl from men who want to misbehave with her, recovers the wedding jewellery that was stolen from her, and even takes her on an excursion with his friends. Among all these adventures, Anand delivers cheerful homilies that hit home. But who is Anand and why he takes such an interest in the pretty runaway is something that has to be learned in a theatre.

As usual, Genelia is the star of the show; completely devoid of make-up, she presents an innocent child-like character that is very different from her earlier roles. Her emotional range in this film is much beyond what she has displayed in her previous films. In fact, her performance as Sasirekha is one of the best in her entire career.

Tarun has done a good job as the knight in shining armour, though his role is restricted, becoming secondary to Genelia’s. Ahuti Prasad as the strict father sends chills down audiences’ spines, and the use of strong language makes many uncomfortable. Subbaraju has done a refreshingly different role and Paruchuri Gopala Krishna is extremely good as the villainous elder.

Though the story is simple and has been rehashed many times over in many versions, it is the scripting and screenplay that make Sasirekha Parinayam stand out. Of course, the audience know that Sasirekha and Anand are going to fall in love and that the heroine’s parents will never catch her. But the director’s narration (of a situation that many girls find themselves in even during these modern times) is very good.

A film that will probably go down well with the multiplex audiences, Sasirekha Parinayam is a well-told version of an old tale. Definitely worth a watch.

Banner:    Karthikeya Creations
Cast:    Tarun, Genelia and others
Direction:    Krishnavamsi
Production:    Sunkara Madhu Murali
Music:    Manisharma

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