Sattapadi Kuttram Movie Review

Cast: Sathyaraj, Seeman, Vikranth, Harish Kalyan, Banu, Aishwarya, Jayasri
Direction: SAC
Production: SAC
Music: Vijay Antony

You can call S A Chandrasekar the legal expert of Tamil cinema, for the director is known for taking a dig at potholes of legal system with his movies. After a break, the filmmaker is back in his familiar territory, with ‘Sattapadi Kuttram’.

SAC has made the film with two agendas, one to criticise the ruling party of Tamil Nadu and the other to promote his son Vijay. Concentrating more on these two things, the director has failed to ensure that the script is free of loopholes and lag.

In many a scene, one would wonder whether it is a feature film or a propaganda movie made by the opposition party. That too with Assembly elections nearing, the intentions of the director are clear from scene one.

A death convict Thangarasu (Vikranth) and drug addict Surya (Harish Kalyan) are kidnapped by a man and his gang. As scenes unfold, it is revealed that the brain behind these things is Chandrabose (Sathyaraj), leader of a revolutionary movement.

Chandrabose runs a parallel government in the forest and instills revolution in the minds of youngsters. His aim is to clean the corrupt system and to infuse fresh blood in the society.

One day, he kidnaps important persons from the judiciary, media, bureaucracy and police departments and tells them the need to bring in the change. They get convinced when Chandrabose ensures protection to their family members.

Rowdys get killed and corrupt politicians are punished. Money seized from evil politicos (which runs into several crores of rupees) is distributed equally to every family in the country. An egalitarian society prevails.

Sathyaraj lives up to his sobriquet- Puratchi Thamizhan. In Che Guevara costumes, he ensures that the audience too goes into ‘revolutionary mode’. Vikranth is good while Bhanu, Harish Raghavendra, Livingston and A Venkatesh have meaty roles to play.

Vijay Antony has remixed ‘Rathiri nerathu poojaiyil….’ in his typical style. Anjaneyalu’s cinematography is okay while the highlight of the film is dialogues by V Prabhakar (of ‘Pokkiri’ fame).

On the whole, there is no wrong in the idea behind making the movie. But cogency between scenes and logic in the script could have ensured that ‘Sattapadi Kuttram’ is as racy as claimed.

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