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Cast: Sivaji, Bhumika, Chandra Mohan, Bramhanandam, Venu Madhav, M.S.Narayana, L.B.Sriram, Dharmavarapu, Mallikarjuna rao, Raghu babu, Chitram Srinu
Direction: Sreehari Nanu
Production: Bekkam Venu Gopal, Mamidisetty Srinivas
Music: Chakri


Krishna (Sivaji) is a sand-sculptor. He goes to Goa to promote that art. He meets Satyabhama (Bhumika) there and falls in love with her. He proposes to her which she to she looks agreeing. When he meets her on the next day, she doesn’t recognize him. It is later revealed that Satyabhama suffers from ‘short memory loss beyond limits’. So the rest of the film is how Krishna makes her normal and wins her love by wooing her again and again.


Satyabhama is cool romantic entertainer. A very well directed film with urbane look. Though the basic plot is adapted fromimg178/914/satyabrev0707072csr1.jpg Hollywood flick, 50 First Dates, the new director Srihari Naanu has told the film in very interesting, humorous way and also in chic manner. Handled very sensible, the film can be lapped up by A-center and NRI audiences as its theme and outset is appealing to their sensibilities.

An enjoying fare from the new director. The magic of successful combination of Shivaji and Bhoomika works again after their Missamma.


Sivaji looks different in this film. His look and histrionics are quite different from his recent films. He is good in this film. Bhumika Chawla portrays the role of subdued character of Satyabhama very sensibly. As the victim of “Short memory loss beyond limits” she is flawless. Superstar Krishna appears as doctor.

Chitram Sreenu and Babloo take care of comedy department. Sunil in his brief role too is very impressive.

What’s hot

Script is good. Director Srihari Naanu has tried to tell the film in a fresh way. His taking and honest performances by the lead pair makes the film an enjoying movie. Climax is neat. img178/206/satyabrev0707073cew4.jpgTechnically, it is Chakri’s music that scores in high. Cinematography deserves appreciation.

What’s not!

There is no consistency in narration. And the story is not original. Even in Telugu, Premikulu came that copied from the Hollywood film, 50 First Dates. The first 15 minutes is hard to digest.

Bottom line

It is cool movie. That can be appealing to the urban audiences. A decent effort by new director.

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