Second Show malayalam movie review

Movie : Second Show
Banner – AOPL Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Director – Srinath Rajendran
Producer – AOPL Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.
Script – Vini Vishwalal
Screenplay – Vini Vishwalal
Cinematography – Pappu
Editor – Praveen K.L
Srikanth N.B
Makeup – Baiju Bhaskar , Swami
Costume Designer – Sakhi
Production Control – Roshan Chittur
Cheif Associate Director – Fellini T.P , Praveen. R.Nair
Lyrics – Kaithapram
Music Director – Avial , Nikhil
Stills – Santhosh Adoor
Designs – Soar Media
Singers – Avial
Assistant Director – Vishnu Aravind , Appu Bhattatiri , Sujith , Krishna Moorthy
Sound Design – Renganaath Ravee

‘The King’ has ruled the screen for quite a while and now, it’s the time for the prince to get some attention!

Mega Star Mammootty’s son Dulquer Salmaan makes his entry into Malayalam cinema in an emphatic way, with his maiden movie, Second Show, directed by debutant Srinath Rajendran. Yes, the movie is far from perfect, which is perhaps is somewhat expected with almost the entire cast ‘n’ crew comprising of new faces. But it is Dulquer’s amazing screen presence and a matured acting style that makes the movie an engaging watch.

Harilal aka Lalu (Dulquer Salmaan) is narrating his story to a stranger, while waiting for the bus on a rainy night. He has been some kind of a reckless youth all along, who will risk his life for his friends and they all don’t take life with any kind of seriousness. In the pursuit of some quick bucks they are ready to do anything and tread with danger.

They live in some rural town and his friends have such strange names as Kurudi, Vikatan, Neerali and so on. Gouthami Nair plays Lalu’s ‘murappennu’ in an interesting romantic track. Rohini, Baburaj, Kunjan and Bollywood actor Sudesh Berry include the experienced line up.

Though the film has a rather shaky start especially in the first half, director Srinath Rajendran and scenarist Vini Viswalal have managed to get things on track in the second half. The sincerity with which the film has been made is evident all along and the eagerness to experiment needs to be appreciated.

The lack of experience is evident at times but then, why don’t the seasoned directors in Malayalam never dare to come up with something different from the usual formulaic stuff? Malayalam cinema is highly in need of new experiments and this film, which at times reminds of the pattern followed by some of the Latin American movies, could be seen as a step in that direction.

Pappu’s visuals get a bit messy at times, as the makers try to make things perhaps too realistic. The music by Nikhil Rajan and Avial Band suits the mood. The background score by Rex Vijayan adds to the effect.

As the end titles start rolling, we realize that the film belongs to Dulquer, who has done his role with the kind of maturity that is rarely seen these days among the young actors. He’s got that indescribable star quality to him which is so rare to find and what’s more is that he can act.

The rest of the fresh faces in the cast fumbles at times, but has done a highly impressive job in general. Watch out for a really nice performance from Baburaj, who can bring a smile during the brief period when he is there on screen.

The film could have been better, no two ways about it. But the team needs to get a pat on their back for their willingness to try something new. Ultimately, it’s an above average film, at best time-pass viewing. Watch it with no expectations and if you’re ready to think unconventional, this film could be a nice option.

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