Danush 3 and Karthi’s Saguni are kept on hold

SA Chandrasekar, F/o Vijay has blocked the release of 3 and Saguni.

Producer’s council has brought in a new rule that allows big budget movies to be release only during festive season.

All these days, there were lot of complaints about big budget movies blocking the release of smaller ones. Even Vijay himself tasted the trouble during the release of his Kaavalan.

Though his Kavalan was a big budget movie, the people who were in power gave his lot of trouble. Previously, theaters were blocked in bulk numbers through out the state and only those with money or ruling power were allowed to get their movies released.

So, the producer’s association, under the leadership of SA Chandrasekar, has made it a rule that only during festive season big budget movies and movies having bigger stars shall be released.

This rule is helping lot of smaller film makers there by giving opportunity to all, to show case their ability.

Though this rule has stopped the release of Saguni and 3, it has helped Oru Nadigaiyin Vaakkumoolam, Muppozhuthum Un Karpanai, Merina, Senkathu Poomiyilae, Dhoni and other movies, all together 20 movies +

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