Shah Rukh Khan: Ra.One costumes cost Rs. 100 crore

The Badshah of Bollywood, the King Khan has now started talking about his most ambitious film to date ‘Ra.One’.
We all know that Shah Rukh Khan’s superhero rubber suit in the movie cost Rs 1 crore, but SRK set the record straight, “I keep reading in the papers that my costume is a million rupee costume. But it’s actually a million dollar costume – that’s four-and-a-half crore rupees per costume. And there’s not one costume, there are 20 such!”

That would amount to an unimaginable total of Rs 100 crores for the costumes alone. Not only that, but the Badshaah of Bollywood added, “There are costumes for Ra.One’s character too” – leading us to believe that ‘Ra.One’ will truly be unlike any other film we’ve seen released in India. “Like the Spiderman suit, my costumes are specialised. They are not for style – you can’t wear them to parties. But yeah, you could probably wear Ra.One’s designer T-shirts.”

So, now will it be India’s most expensive film till date… Well Shahrukh didn’t claim it to be but he did gave a sneak peek of the plot of the movie and its background.

He said, “Ra.One is a very real film, although it is in the genre of superhero-meets-genie in a bottle. I have tried not to keep it over-the-top or too ‘dialoguey’. It has real situations and authentic dialogue. I play a very genuine South Indian character in the movie. I’ve been thinking about the poster of the movie and I think the film can be put in one line as ‘Every father wants to be a hero to his son’. So even though the film is about a superhero, it is also a family film,” he insists.

“Kareena (Kapoor) is my wife in the movie, we have a kid and we are a regular family – there is a lot of comedy, happiness and bonding, until all hell breaks loose. And then, there is action, which you hopefully have never seen before, at least in an Indian movie.”

So its superhero time for the Badshah Khan

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