Shahid-Priyanka’s love-hate see-saw!

The emotional see-saw of the love affair of Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra has got everyone perplexed.

They do…no, they don’t! That’s been the refrain of the babbling tongues speculating if Shahid and Priyanka indeed love each other. Honestly, we have even stopped keeping the count of how many times they have broken up and patched up again, but if the latest rumour sweeping through tinsel town is to go by, the epitaph of their torrid romance can indeed be scribbled this time.

The break-up happened just a few days before Shahid’s birthday in February. Reportedly, the couple had been facing incompatibility issues, this after having been together for a long time. The buzz is that despite all their camaraderie, Shahid and Priyanka continue to remain contrasting personalities, their idea of ideal love being poles apart.

So after many a blow-hot-blow-cold swing in their torrid affair, the duo has finally decided to part ways and, contrary to rumours, Shahid isn’t even trying to woo her back.

Do we see another love story bite the dust! Or do the ashes camouflage the phoenix of their dying but not yet fully dead romance?

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