Shahrukh Khan face to face with a lion

It’s holiday time for Shahrukh Khan and the superstar is making it a memorable one for his family. In South Africa to watch the FIFA world cup, the superstar also took his wife and two kids on an African Safari.

“At royal malawane…saw a giraffe already…exciting prospect of seeing game at night…feel like Jim Corbett already,” SRK tweeted after his first outing. That very night the entire Khan gang went out in the night to see some wild animals. However, they returned disappointed.

Finally, on Friday, they had some luck and saw a lot of animals, including a lion.

“Back from seeing all kinds of animals. Realized (that) the ones in the city are far more dangerous than the ones in the jungles,” SRK joked and posted the picture of a yawning lion that he’d clicked (on next page).

Now, SRK and kids and wife are headed to Johannesburg to watch the FIFA final match between Spain and The Netherlands on Sunday.

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