Shakeela for a comic role

Shakeela and comedy? All those men who were after her certified films of the last decade may not find this to be a believable news. But the fact is that Shakeela, who had already stopped herself from being in sexy roles will be now seen in a comic role in the new movie ‘Teja Bhai and family’.As with its hero Prithviraj who is for the first time trying a hand in doing full length comedy.

Shakeela will also be in a role that may bring in a few chuckles in Mollywood viewers. Shakeela had tried herself to do comedy with admirable success in recent films like ‘Bolss engira bhaskaran and Shiva Manassile Shakthy. Anyhow, the actress who was recently in  news for his decision to entry matrimony, will now concentrate on family films to make a new image in the minds of her fans.

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