Three Movies releasing today!

Tollywood witnesses three film releases today, one of them being Samantha’s Tamil dubbed flick Kurralloy Kurrallu. The other two films are small budget films Tanish starrer Manchivadu and Sivaji starrer Lokame Kothaga.

However, none of these films made any buzz prior release and they are releasing with quite low expectations. Tanish and Shivaji, who are waiting for a hit from long time, are testing out their luck with Manchivadu and Lokame Kothaga.

On the other hand, the Tamil film which is a super flop at TN box-office Baana Kathadi is dubbed as Kurralloy Kurrallu. The film-makers have highly banked on Samantha’s craze in Tollywood. Will Samantha’s craze alone saves the producers?? Let’s wait and see.

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