Shazahn Padamsee keeping fingers crossed

The south is in for a double dose of Shazahn Padamsee as two of her films – Kanimozhi in Tamil and Orange in Telugu, are all set for a release this Friday.

And if there’s anyone who’s thrilled, it’s the actress herself. “I’m happy that both my films are releasing together, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed,” she says. “The only problem is that I will be pressed for time and won’t be able to attend premieres of both the films.” Shooting for the film too, she says she got down and dirty, literally. “One evening, when were shooting on rocks and tide was high,after delivering my lines, I was supposed to storm off. Just as I turned to walk away, a wave knocked me over and I got sucked into the sea. The crew had to come to my rescue.

I was completely drenched with muck and weeds on me, which made me look like some sea creature,” she laughs.

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