Sherin lodges complaint against director

Actress Sherin is back. The actress is making a comeback of sorts with her ‘Poovaa Thalaiya’ releasing today. Despite possessing a curvaceous body, dancing skills andtalent, Sherin remains out of favour with the producers and directors in Kollywood which is attributed to her ‘attitude’ problem. Even her upcoming film is not sans any controversy.

Shrin debuted opposite Dhanush in ‘Thulluvadho Ilamai’ almost a decade back and impressed many with her stylish and graceful looks. The film, about a bunch of teenagers, did very well at the box-office and it was predicted that Sherin would become one of the leading actresses in Kollywood. Personal problems differences with her parents and her break-up with her boyfriend bogged her down and she soon disappeared from the scene.

‘Poovaa Thalaiyaa’ has been produced and directed by Sanjayram, known for making films with a liberal dose of violence. Sherin has lodged a complaint with the Nadigar Sangam stating that Sanjayram still owes her Rs.5 lakhs as he has only paid her Rs.4 lakhs out of the Rs.9 lakhs agreed as her fee for the film. Sherin’s mother Yasodhara has said that Sherin shot for 25 days for the film and five more days of shooting were still remaining and wondered how Sanjayram would release the film on 29th April.

Commenting on the controversy, Sanjayram says, “Sherin gave us call-sheet for 20 days to star in the film. We shot for a few days and then moved to Udumalpet and waited for many days but Sherin didn’t turn up for the shooting. We heard that she had gone to act in a Kannada film on the dates she had allotted for us. This had caused huge losses to us.

“Sherin’s mother troubled us unnecessarily on many counts. We tolerated it and kept quiet and completed the film amid great mental stress. How can an actress demandpayment after absconding from shooting without prior intimation?” asked Sanjayram. The matter now lies before the Sangam seeking its intervention in the matter.

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