‘Sholay is the most perfectly well-rounded film ever made’

Sholay completes 35 years of success on August 15. What made it such a cult film? Actress par excellence Seema Biswas tells why she considers Sholay the “most complete” film ever.
There are some films I can watch over and over again – like Abhimaan, Teesri Kasam, Kagaz Ke Phool, Bandini and Sholay.

However many times I see them, I never feel I’ve wasted my time. Even today when they are shown on TV, I watch them with great enjoyment.

Of course, there are so many incredible films – like Pather Panchali – that to cite any one as an all time favourite would be unjust.

But If I had to choose a film from the 70s, I’d say Sholay is the most perfectly well-rounded film ever made. Technically rich, the collective effort comes through and individual performances still remain in memory.

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