Shriya wants comedy role

Her glam is well known to the viewers not only in the film but also in the public functions. She made a breaking news when she posed with her shorts at a function to commemorate the former CM of Tamilnadu Karunanidhi.

She has paired with almost all top level heroes of Kollywood and she is none other than Shriya.

She has been in the news now with a unique wish. She said of late she has a desire to act in a comedy role in a full length comic film. Shriya said normally she liked humor in any situation and she liked to do comedy in a movie. If any director comes out with such a good theme she could offer her dates conveniently. Another factor which makes her real human being is that she hated thrillers in movies.

She said people watch movies only for entertainment and joy and cannot be taken for thrillers. Shriya negated the idea that in Hollywood thrillers win millions of watchers. She said the taste of the fans may differ from regions to regions and we, Indians are soft minded and sentimental beings. Shriya said she is waiting for a right occasion in Bollywood as more offers knock at her but not in a mood to decide.

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