Shruti Haasan Interview

Daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika, Shruti Haasan is making her debut in Bollywood with Soham Shah’s LUCK. She is also working with her father in the Tamil remake of A WEDNESDAY. Our correspondent chats up with the debutant

How have you been?

I am good… really busy these days with so much work on hand both on the music front as well as my film LUCK.

So are you enjoying it?

Of course (laughs), after all I am doing something that I love. I love music and I am making music… for me…for my father and also doing films. So it is all happening for me. I am like that and I believe in doing what my heart says.

LUCK is one of the big releases of the year and at the same time your debut film. Do you feel the pressure?

There isn’t any pressure as such because there is no point being nervous. I knew before signing this film what I was doing so I can’t back out saying that I am nervous. I am actually thrilled, excited and just can’t wait for the release.

At the same time there lies a lot of responsibility because your father Kamal Haasan is one of the top rated actors in the country.

(Smiles) I know that and that is what has given me the confidence all the time. I was happy doing music. It’s something I can’t do without. My father is proud of that and he has always supported me in my decisions. But that doesn’t mean the audiences should compare our work. There is no point doing that. He has been acting for years now and it’s my debut film.

However, given that you are Kamal Haasan’s daughter you could have gone for a much safer and better launch under his banner?

That is what both my father and I were opposed to. He knew that if I wanted to do something I would never ask for his help but would rather fight my own way up. And he completely supports my views and he is very happy about that. (Smiles) In fact he was very happy to hear from me when I said that I have been offered LUCK. My parents have always been very supportive. When I wanted to do music it made him happy because he knew I was trying it my own way and then he was equally excited and happy when I expressed my desire to act in films.

Okay… tell me do you believe in LUCK?

No I don’t. But I believe only in hard work and dedication. And as you know fortune favours the brave.

In fact you cast opposite one of your childhood friends Imran Khan in LUCK. How was it working with him?

Yes..yes…(Smiles). That was a complete coincidence of sorts. I don’t think even Imran ever thought that we would one day act in the same film and alongside each other. At the same time it always helps when you have a friend in the profession. We have known each other….may be since we were kids.

Apparently, you will also be seen sporting a bikini in the film and that has already caught a lot of attention too…

Well…I really don’t know why it is being talked about so much. There have been so many who have done it earlier. And since the scene required me to be in a bikini, I was in a bikini. What’s wrong in it? (Smiles) I can’t be in some other dress if the scene needs me to come out of a swimming pool. The day Soham told me that the scene requires me to be in a bikini, I was game for….absolutely comfortable.

Okay…and what about the stunts. There were so many of them. Did you do it all on your own?

In fact that is one of the biggest reasons I liked the script and decided to do this film. LUCK isn’t a film where the lead actress is just a mere prop of the hero. The film focuses on all the characters equally and that is what attracted me. And yes I did all my stunts …all and that was really a thrilling experience.

So what are your plans next?

See, I don’t plan things. I am also equally involved with my debut album which will release shortly. Besides I will be also doing films. I do a lot of live shows and that consumes a lot of my time. So a lot is happening actually.

You are also composing music for your father’s Tamil film, which is a remake of A WEDNESDAY.

Yes, he like a true professional offered me the role and I accepted it like a professional. (Laughs) So it’s a big project and I am working on it. It’s also going to be made in Telugu, so that will take some time.

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