Shwetha Menon to marry on this 18?

Last month, we have reported about the chances of a low profile marriage of model, anchor and film actress, Shwetha Menon to Sreevatsan Menon, the grandson of famous poet Vallathol. Though the actress admitted of her relation with the journalist based on Mumbai, she denied the dates that were projected then as she was participating in an artist tour in U S A.

But now news are also coming in that the actress will get married this month on the 18th. Again the reports suggest that  the marriage will take place in the ancestral home of Shwetha’s mother at Valanchery near kuttipuram. It is reported that Swetha and Sreevatsan share  good star combinations and the day was selected as per advices from astrologists. Shwetha will hold a separate reception for the members of the film fraternity on a latter date.

The timing of the marriage of this state award winner is also important as the very important role of her career of Rethy chechi in the remake of ‘Rethinirvedham’ is all poised to reach the theatres by the 16th of June. Shwetha’s other movies currently on production includes ‘Salt and Pepper’ and ‘IVan Megharoopan’.

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