Cast Munna, Monica, Shandru, Riyaz Khan
Producer Shankar
Story,screenplay, dialogues and direction Aadhi
Music Karthik
Camera Fouzia Fatima
Choreography Dhina
Editing Satish Kurusova

Silanthi is from debutant director Aadhiraj. A thriller, the movie is inspired by several pot-boilers belonging to a similar genre. However, before one identifies the ambiguity and loopholes in the script, the narration picks up momentum.

Monica (Monica) and Dinesh (Munna) are newly married. They decide to honeymoon on a lonely and exotic island and plan to stay in their friend’s sprawling, vacant guest-house. As the couple step into the island and reside in the large mansion, surrounded by bushes and trees, Monica senses a strangeness in the surroundings. Her instinct warns her that something is terribly wrong there. But unable to substantiate her gut feeling, Monica suppresses her uneasiness and follows her husband. Soon, a single look at the boatman, mansion cook and watchman confirms her suspicions. To Monica, each of them appears to have a shifty side and look like eerie creatures who have taken human forms on purpose. A feeling of dilemma and doubt completely distracts Monica from her husband and she is drawn into the mysterious world full of ghosts. Subsequently, the couple’s budding romance and honeymoon spirit gets completely spoilt. Here, the movie strikes the thriller chord emphatically and the tempo is thoroughly maintained till the end.

However, despite her fear, Monica fervently tries to explore the truth behind her fears and uneasiness. Soon, she gets adequate proof; some of her office colleagues in Bangalore get killed in odd ways. Monica connects the bewildering trail of events and personalities in the island with the killings and jumps to the conclusion that a ruthless ghost is behind her too. Are her guesses true? Who is following her? What is the reason behind the cold-blooded revenge? Does she escape becoming the ghost’s target? Silanthi reveals the replies.

Firstly, director Aadhiraj has to be appreciated for attempting a thriller theme for his debut film. Properly making use of the strength in the storyline, Aadhi tries to resolve all the puzzles and offers a credible suspense in the treatment too. Through the Bangalore episode and Monica’s friends, he infuses some fun and frolic in the film. The upbeat mood complements the thrill on the other side suitably.

A very impressive and realistic performance comes from Monica. Her appropriate and fitting acting does justice to her character as well as the storyline. Debut actor Shandru has performed well and his acting will earn him plaudits. Riyaz Khan’s acting is also good. Fouzia Fatima’s camera adds maturity to the narration. Each frame is presented with a revitalizing look. Karthik’s numbers add a new dimension to the theme without spoiling its spirit. Satish Kurusova’s (editing) scissors have done a neat job in sustaining the vigour in the sequences.

Greed, murder and mystery form the film’s base; there is nothing particularly novel in Silanthi. But the adventure and suspense progressing in a likeable pace, amply supported by a realistic ending along with Monica’s performance distinguishes it from usual formula fare.

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