Siva Mansula Sakthi

Vikatan talkies’ Siva Manasula Sakthi is a youthful entertainer. Dealing with the mutation of friendship that buds and blossoms into love, the film has captured some enjoyable niceties in the process.

Siva (Jiiva) is a jolly good fellow. After failing twice in his Plus 2 exams, Siva takes up a job as a delivery boy in a courier company. While all his days are spent travelling around the city delivering mails, Siva happily spends his nights in his friends’ company. Together, they drink, smoke, joke and make merry. Siva’s mother (Urvasi) is happy with the meagre amounts he gives her to run the family. She always pampers her only son and enjoys life’s small pleasures along with him. In fact, Siva’s only sister Viji knows him better than their mom. One day, while travelling out of the city, Siva meets Sakthi (Anuya). Feeling mutually attracted, both exchange mundane details about themselves during the journey. Siva feels thrilled to have Sakthi’s friendship; as soon as he returns home, he tries to meet her at the office address given by her. On her part, Sakthi also tries to meet him at the office address he had given her. But to their mutual dismay, all the details turn out to be totally fictitious. The disappointment provokes both Siva and Sakthi and soon, both of them are pitted against each other, out to extract their revenge.

Eventually, Sakthi falls in love with Siva. But her attention and affection does not change the easy-going Siva or his attitude towards things. Sakthi’s touchy activities fail to kindle the pure love in him. At a stage, not able to withstand Sakthi’s bugging, Siva agrees to marry her. But he puts forth a condition. What is that? Does it alter the emaning of their relationship? When Sakthi agrees to Siva’s condition and acts according to his wish, does he keep up his side of the bargain? What happens next? Do they fall in love? Does the love last? Or do they end up like gladiators, out to kill each other? SMS will definitely make you enjoy the experiences.

Jiiva is just in his element. With his local lingo, casual attitude and typical youthful behaviour, he is the one who steals the show. For Anuya, it is an effortless role. Mouthing the dialogues perfectly in line with her dubbed voice and showing off a totally adamant attitude towards Siva, she is the lady who wins at the end. Urvashi has a comedy-sprinkled role, with many of her dialogues eliciting a good laugh. Ku. Gnanasambandan as Anuya’s father has also done a good job. Arya appears in a couple of scenes as Anuya’s fiancé.Santhanam has appeared as Jiiva’s friend. The sequences that portray his disappointment when Sakthi squashes his mobile phones in anger and frustration give us a good laugh.

Yuvan’s tunes are full of stylish raps and rocking music. Camera by Sakthi Saravanan travel along with the story. Rajesh M. has presented a truly youth-related storyline through SMS. Many scenes reflect reality and hence it should be well-received.

Banner:    Vikatan Talkies
Cast:    Jeeva, Anuya, Uravasi, Santhanam
Direction:    Rajesh M
Production:    B Srinivasan
Music:    Yuvan Shankar Raja

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