SJ Suryah on Puli

SJ Suryah, who repeated his combination with Pawan Kalyan in Puli, ten years after the release of Kushi (2001), said that Puli is like alchemy to youth, who are after stylish ventures with lots of entertainment.
Speaking to reporters in Hyderabad, Suryah said that it is up to the audiences to receive the medicine of entertainment. “I watched the film sitting amidst the audiences and I didn’t find any glitches from them.”

Suryah admitted that the film took off with a negative talk on the release day. “The people in the industry watched the movie from the commercial point of view. I took a look at other films with the same perspective. Blockbusters like Kushi, Badri and Pokiri started off in a similar fashion. What about their performance in the later days?”

“The collections of Puli are on the rise daily, though the negative talk turned into a divide talk. In fact, when we get such a talk, the collections would immediately dip, but it is not the case with Puli,” he said.

When asked about the necessity that made Pawan Kalyan speak Telangana dialect now and then in the movie, the director said: “My hometown is Tirunelveli. Whenever I went abroad, I tried to speak in a stylish manner. But, without my knowledge, I do find a tinge of my Tirunelveli accent in the way I speak. In this film, Pawan Kalyan belonged to a tribal area. Though he is a police officer, he is bound to speak his own dialect.” He also defended the lengthy dialogues.

He also thanked Pawan Kalyan for his cooperation with dexterous acting. “Pawan Kalyan indirectly helped me speak of myself, and my inner feelings,” he said.

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