Smart Racy Pricey Dippy

She’s racing ahead on a paid vacation of sorts. Currently, Deepika Padukone is on vacation in London for the racing car season, though close sources squeal…that she’s actually been paid to endorse the races!

On her return to Mumbai, DP is expected to complete a short filming schedule of ‘Break Ke Baad’ with Imran Khan, and thereafter sashay off to London again to be with John Abraham.

Ah, a certain Bipasha Basu…need not swerve into panic mode. Dippy’s merely gonna shoot for Rohi Dhawan’s ‘Desi Boyz’ with Johnny Boy.

Incidentally, JA rates DP rather highly describing her as a super combo of beauty, brains and the right percentage of aggression needed to emerge winner at the cine stakes.

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