Sonu: India’s Premier Twitter Exitter

He’s turned off Twitter…and how! However, Sonu Nigaam will be active on Facebook and web sites that are purely operated by his staff.

And in doing so, Sonu has earned himself the dubious distinction of being…the premier Indian celebrity to delete his name from the micro blogging site!

Reportedly, Sonu songster was furious at the twitter tattle that exploded in the wake of his showing up for an event with his hair in pig tails.

A reliable source claims, “Sonu was really mad at the snide remarks being made on him, especially when his look in pig tails was called school girlish.”

An angered Sonu tweeted that people in India don’t have the sense to understand the “madness of a singer,” when everywhere else in the world, singers have a license to be “mad and dress madly.”

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