Sundar C planning for stop acting

After the continuous poor run of his films at the box office actor-director Sundar C has decided to quit acting and concentrate only on directing films.

Sundar C took up acting sincerely after his film ‘Thalai Nagaram’ was well received in 2006. The box office success of ‘Thalai Nagaram’ had made this director to take up acting primarily. He has done ten films so far as an actor.

When he abandoned direction, Sundar C was a flourishing director who had already directed all the top actors in the industry including Rajini and Kamal then. Memorable movies like ‘Arunachanalam’, ‘’Anbe Sivam’, ‘Ullathai Alli Thaa’ etc. were all handled by director Sundar C.

Now time is running out to regroup and realizing the situation Sundar C has decided to do what he knows best. His decision to quit acting is also welcomed by his producer wife Kushboo.

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