superCast: Kunal Khemu, Tulip Joshi, Aushima Sawhney, Reema Lagoo, Sharat Saxena, Vrajesh Hirjee, Darshan Jariwala, Kishori Shahane, Zafar Karachiwala, Anjan Srivastava, Rushad Rana, Kunal Kumar, Deepika Sharma,
Banner: Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd
Director: Rohit Jugraj
Music Director: Shamir Tandon, Abhijit Vaghani



With a lot of films being made these days that are based on the film industry, here comes yet another venture that revolves around the same. Superstar marks the return of Rohit Jugraj whose previous film ‘€˜James’€™ was such a wash out.

Superstar takes off with Kunal (Kunal Khemu), a young lad who over the years has nurtured the dream of making it big in bollywood. Kunal seems a right fit for stardom and has grown up watching films of Amitabh , Salman ,Shahrukh and other fine actors. Though he is great at dancing, acting and dares to make it big; he is unable to grow beyond that of an extra being seen in various crowd scenes. But Kunal is always motivated by his friends and specially childhood friend Mausam (Tulip Joshi ) who has been silently harbouring a crush on Kunal for years.

Life decides to play a prank on Kunal as his dreams are shattered with the entry of the rich, debonair Karan (Kunal Khemu). Karan’€™s photos are all over the papers and the media are hounding Mr.Saxena (Darshan Jariwala) , Karan’€™s dad cum producer of the film who is set to launch India’€™s next Superstar.

But Karan is a spendthrift and is least bothered about acting. Rather he spends time partying and his interest lies in his co-star Barkha (Aushima Sawhney). Karan is a complete no-gooder on the sets and Kunal gets a call to be his body double and stand in.

Fate has something instored for Kunal as he transforms from a struggler to a superstar but at the cost of his loved ones and his very own self.

So, does Superstar really carry all those starry moments worth spending a few bucks at the cinema? Without a doubt the answer is a ‘€˜Yes’€™. Rohit Jugraj is easily able to keep you hooked on. In fact this film expresses Rohit Jugraj’€™s directorial skills to the finest. For a director who was oncesuper accused by his mentor Ram Gopal Varma of being a poor director and blamed for the disastrous ‘€˜James’€™ , Rohit emerges as a superstar director himself.

The film is not out of the world or such but it doesn’€™t bore you at all. The move keeps you tapping with the right mix of action, drama and music that blend in so well to provide pure entertainment. Technically too the film is great to watch with a lot of action sequences, well erected sets and much more being picturised with great style.

On the whole the film truly belongs to Kunal Khemu who has been blessed to star as the solo lead in a film that gives him a lot of scope to express his talent. Kunal is absolutely fabulous in a double role enacting both the characters with ease. Kunal grooves with panache, fights with elegance and delivers even the most complex of dialogues with a lot of emotion.

The Premiere sequence in the film is a pure showcase of excellent dialogue delivery from Kunal. He further impresses with his expressions right from the songs to his imitation of Amitabh Bachchan.

Tulip Joshi is quite impressive as the timid, shy girl who has had a crush on Kunal for years. Tulip brings in that cute yet romantic element with ease. Aushima Sawhney is good and does her part with ease , she is sure to bag a lot of movies after this one.

Darshan Jariwala is smooth , Reema Lagoo is just the perfect mom , Sharat Saxena is just apt for the film and his outburst scene in the film as a father is sure to move the audiences. Vrijesh Hirjee is funny at times and does well. Aman Verma is ok.

Screenplay and dialogues by Rahul Singh and Sudip Sharma are really good. The screenplay keeps you hooked on and never takes a dip but keeps you anticipating the flow of events in the film. The dialogue which talks of the formula to being a superstar is sure to be remembered for a long time.

Cinematography by Mahendra Shetty & Deadly is nice as the film is a complete visual treat. Art Direction by Manohar Patil adds to the film. Action by Aejaz & Javed is first class. Editing by Sandeep Francis is sleek.

The music by Shamir Tandon just lifts the film to another level. The music is simply brilliant and a blend of new voices just adds to it all. ‘€˜Ajnabi Khwaab mein ‘€˜has already been a chartbuster much prior to the release of the film with an amazing picturisation and choreography by Remo D’€™souza. Now, in comes ‘€˜Mann Tu Talbat’€™ an Arabic-Hindi mix that comes in the film as an original and an electronic mix format. Even the superpicturisation of the track blends in so well with the music that it’€™s going to be a sure shot hit and favourite amongst the youth. Even the weaker tracks of the film such as the Adnan Sami ‘€˜Do I love you’€™ also keeps you humming at the interval.

All in all, Superstar is definitely not an Om Shanti Om simply because it doesn’€™t have a 6 pack Shahrukh, but a well chiseled Kunal Khemu carries stardom with ease. So what if OSO carried over 24 stars in cameos, superstar too has Sanjay Dutt advicing Kunal with complete ‘€˜Vinmaratha’€™.

Go ahead and watch the film not expecting India’€™s entry to the Oscars but a complete mix of drama , action and songs . In Rohit Jugraj’€™s word’€™s ‘€œa tribute to the Indian Film Industry’€. It is most likely that the audiences will walk out amazed by Kunal’€™s performance; maybe he’€™s just got the secret formula to stardom. As for Jugraj , Ramu is surely headed for a shock. Jugraj is sure to go places.

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