Producer: Siraj Valiyaveettil
Director: Anwar Rashid
Cast: Mammooty, Rahman, Manoj K Jayan, Sai Kumar, Cochin Haneefa, Salim Kumar, Suresh Krishna, Padma Priya, Sindhu Menon
Music: Alex Paul

Most of the actors find hard to get out of the cocoon of stereotype roles. But actor Mammootty has done it with style. He has managed to get scot-free of his earlier image and earned the image of a mass hero with ‘Raajamanikyam’. He does the role of a rustic buffalo dealer with ease in the film. In fact, he has opened up new avenues while doing his character.

The film is all about Raajamanikyam (Mammootty). He and his gang consisting of Raju (Rahman), Varkichan (Bheeman Raju) and Dasappan (Salim Kumar) from Bellary go to Udayon Koil village to solve broken relationships and rivalries. They help in uniting the son (Manoj K Jeyan) and his stepfather’s (Sai Kumar) daughter (Sindhu Menon).

There is nothing special in the film but there is lots of scope for Mammootty to perform. He does his role superbly and with style. His performance is commendable; say his Thiruvanathapuram lingo or his role as a buffalo dealer. Sai Kumar’s performance as his father is also fine. Both Manoj K Jeyan and Rahman did their parts well.

The audio of the film by Alex Paul has lots of mass number as expected. Shaheed’s script is a plus point, as the twists in the film keep the audience on their toes. Debutante director Anwar Rashid has lots of talent and has also shown that he is capable of doing good mass films. On the whole, the film is a good mass entertainment. Mammootty’s fans should watch it.

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