Suriya is ready to woo Bollywood

Right from the posters to trailers, Raktha Charithram has created huge expectation among the audience, especially those in Tamil Nadu, as Suriya will be seen in a different avatar yet again.

“The film will be totally a different experience.

It’s not the usual hero-villain kind of a film. After watching it, the audience will feel sad for me and bad for Vivek Oberoi (he plays the slain political leader Paritala Ravindra). There’s justification for every character and it wont be a typical political drama,” says Suriya.

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, the film will release in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh on November 26. The second version Rakta Charitra in Hindi will release on December 3. That this is his first Hindi film is well known. Suriya has gently requested to remove the caption ‘After Robot The Rajini, its Suriya The Ghajini’ put up on the huge posters in Mumbai as the actor felt the words were very powerful and that placing his name next to the unbeatable Superstar was taking things too far. As Suri, Suriya has already captured the hearts of the Tamil audience in trailers. He says, “The dialogues were very strong, especially the ones that appear in trailer, so I had to relate it with my personal loss to bring out the emotions.” The actor is also astonished by the way RGV prepares his actors for his roles. Says Suriya, “During the day of the shoot, RGV spoke at length about the death of his father and how he saw it. The mood after that was gloomy and sad.” The actor is all praise of RGV and says, “His aesthetic sense of visuals is very different. Gautham Menon watched the preview and applauded RGV for this effort. He is a big inspiration for many directors such as Murugadoss. He preplans everything and is well-versed in every aspect of filmmaking. I’ve worked with him for two-and-a-half months and everything was different for me. He’s very clear on what he wants.” The actor feels the film should be seen as an ‘RGV film’ and not as a ‘Suriya film’.

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