Tamannaah – Amala Paul battle

She was becoming the Numero Uno actress of Tamil cinema, and when Tollywood again gave a big call she shifted her base to Hyderabad again. Now, the actress is in all her moves to become the Numero Uno of Telugu cinema. Will Tamannaah make it?

It is difficult says film pundits! It is another young and sultry storm from Kollywood that is heading towards Tollywood is said to be the big hindrance of Tamannaah’s dream! And, the hurdle is none other than Amala Paul!! She was naïve and immature when she was introduced in her infamous movie ‘Sindhu Samaveli’ and the huge success of ‘Mynaa’ catapulted her to big fame overnight, and the actress is now one of the most coveted actresses in Tamil cinema. But, the young star did not get satisfied with her position in Kollywood. Her dreams were bigger, and she eyed for Tollywood too.

Reason…? Not only fame even the money that could see in Tollywood is also bigger, a lot bigger! And, if she becomes the number one, she can touch the magic ‘big One’ – Yes, One Crore! It seems the actress is on her way to that position and she makes all her moves leaving no stone unturned! First, she found Tamannaah, another ‘Numero Uno’ aspirant, a big obstacle.

And, the cold war has already started as both the actresses are now seeing each other the major blockade and a threat in their journey to the top position. Sources say, it is Amala Paul, who is having an edge with her smart moves, with her attitude of going to any length doing big compromises, to beat her rival. This is the reason why she earlier pulled out from Dhanush – Aishwarya Dhanush’s film ‘3’ and very recently skipped director Linguswamy’s ‘Vettai’ finishing shots, all for a big Telugu film that she is getting a whopping sum as salary!

And, Tamannaah is realizing it all, only now! She is now in all her moves to reposition herself, and if she succumbs to Amala Paul she may head back to Kollywood!

So, who will win the war?

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