Tapsee is a big fan of street food!

Actress Tapsee, the cute looking new actress from Delhi, who made her debut with Jhummandi Naadam is a big fan of street food.

Before her debut film released she signed a film opposite Vishnu. Speaking to reporters in Hyderabad, she said that she would not really relish star hotel foods. “But you take me to a chaat bundi and I will totally freak out on the yummy tikkis, dahi bhalla and spicy pani puris. I also love the street side momos served in Delhi. You just don’t get those kinds of steamed chicken momos elsewhere.”

“I like my food very spicy. Though South Indian cuisine uses a generous helping of spices, spicy North Indian food of which I am a big fan, is differently done. I also love eating non-vegetarian food, but only chicken. I can’t eat seafood,” the actress said.

Tapsee says that she just can’t resist the temptation of Hyderabad biriyani, “It is something else I love bingeing on. Spicier than the Lucknow variant, it is something that makes me want to come back to Hyderabad more often. I crave for Paradise biryani.” Pizzas and pastas are some more of her favorites.

“One of my biggest regrets is that I can’t cook a nice meal. I don’t go experimenting in the kitchen and skip tweaking my meals as well, when traveling abroad. I really don’t mind tasting the native favorites, as long as they are cooked to my specifications,” she puts her conditions.

However, Tapsee is not addicted to sweets, but would not shun a gulab jamun or ras malai, occasionally.

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