Thadayara Thakka Movie Review

Its been a long time since Tamil cinema had seen an full-fledged action thriller with heavy dose of suspense. A whodunit genre, Thadayara Thakka fills the void.

Directed by Magizh Thirumeni, a former associate of Goutham Menon, the movie is his second venture after Mundhinam Parthene. If the former was a breewzy cool romantic story, the latter is a racy and riveting action fare.

Seemingly inspired by the his mentor Goutham’s Khakha Khakha, the movie speaks about the fight between an innocent youth, who becomes a victim to circumstance and a gang of baddies.

Arun Vijay is fresh, bubbly and energetic. he plays a suave youth who turns an angry young man. His battle against the baddies forms the crux.

Mamta Mohandoss , the Maluwood girl, plays his ladylove. Thaman’s splendid background score and Sukumar’s camera work are the backbone for the flick.

Selva (Arun Vijay) owns a travel agency. He is all set to marry his lover Priya (Mamta Mohandoss). He meets a local goon Maha (Maha Gandhi) and his brother Kumar (Krishnavamsi). In the next couple of days, Maha gets killed and blame falls on Selva. Though he is not the culprit, circumstances points fingers on him. He runs for cover. He returns to settle scores with Kumar and his men.

Arun Vijay is awesome and amazing. His body language and dialogue delivery are admirable. Mamta Mohandoss is back in Tamil with a powerful performance. Krishnavamsi, who had done few films in Telugu, is a welcome arrival to Tamil cinema.

Produced by Feather Touch Entertainment, Thadayara Thakka may be cliched at places, but a host of twists and turns make it interesting. Thadayara Thakka is free flowing action- drama with Arun Vijay going all guns blazing. A treat for action-lovers.

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