Thamanna says that she wants to love

Thamanna who rocked Tamil Nadu is now a big rage in Andhra Pradesh. These days she is always at the non reachable zone. Somehow we managed to get her interview.

It is so difficult to search you these days?

It is a good thing to be searched. I am very busy in Telugu. I am acting with top heroes like Ram Charan Teja, Prabhas and Ram. After completing all these projects I will take my next flight to Chennai. Again there will be Thamanna wave in Tamil Nadu.
You may have to face a stiff competition here now because there are heroines like Amala Paul, Hansika and Kajal Agarwal?

It is good if there is competition. All are acting and dancing well. I am also not like before. I have learnt a lot of new things. Let’s clash and see but Kajal, Samantha, Shruthi, Vedika and Poonam Bajwa are my close friends. Friendship is different and competition is different. Everyone is clear about it.

There was news that you were supposed to do the second heroine role in the film which has Jeeva and Trisha in the lead roles. Is it true?

I listened to the story of the film. There was no importance for my role so I refused it.

Do you still not love any one?

I want to love but there is no time. To tell the truth I did not even think that how my would be husband should be. I have the confidence that everything will happen at the right time in a good way.

There was news that you were not permitted to enter Tirupathi temple. What happened?

I got a break when I was shooting in Hyderabad. I felt like going to the temple. I wore jeans and T shirt and went but the temple authorities prevented me by saying that people with modern dresses will not be permitted. I had to adhere to the customs of the temple. Then I went to the temple wearing Salwar Kameez.

It seems that you had invited Dhanush for your birthday bash?

It happened just like that. I cannot forget this birthday because I sang and danced with Dhanush for the song Why This Kolaveri Di. During the shooting of Vengai, Dhanush use to speak a lot about music to me. Now he has got National Award and also become popular throughout the world. He has already made an album for Sachin. Dhanush, you are rocking.

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