The actor in me is still alive: Chiranjeevi

Praja Rajyam president and megastar Chiranjeevi said that the actor in him is still alive and he would not mind acting if a message-oriented good script comes his way. However he doubted whether he could do justice at the present juncture as he is active in politics.
Addressing a meet-the-press programme in Nellore, Chiranjeevi stated that his party would not merge with the Congress under any circumstances but would support it to prevent its collapse in AP in view of the ongoing turmoil in the Congress party. He justified his stand on the plea that midterm polls would be a burden on people.

He recalled that both YSR and Chandrababu Naidu had locked horns in the Assembly over their assets for days in 2009 and everyone knew about the subject.

He came down heavily against the government for ignoring its own party manifesto and opening wine shops on the basis of population.

He said that both the Congress and TD were spreading rumors against the PR as they were worried at his popularity among masses.

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