The farmer in Mammootty


Mammootty is known as a man who is always ready to support humanitarian causes and public service promotions. But not many has identified the farmer in him, though he had written in length about his family background and childhood amidst agriculture. The superstar was seen as a real farmer, in style, when he found some time yesterday to have some rounds on his tractor in his own vast plot near Kottayam. He announced his intention in serious paddy cultivation, bringing in a rare , almost extinct seed type named  ‘Chenkazhama’  for his cultivation. According to Mammootty, this seed has an inherent capacity to fight the weeds that attack it and to grow extremely well without any chemical manure. Mammootty likes to name this form of cultivation as a purely natural one and would like to propagate this to more areas in Kerala.

Mammootty thought of having a quiet day out on his paddy fields , but as the superstar stepped on to the field, workers from other fields also poured in to have a look of their favorite actor.  He was suddenly amidst flashbulbs and TV cameras, and then he  took this opportunity to send a valid message about agriculture.  Mamootty also added that he has tried farming in Tamil Nadu earlier, with success.

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