The King & The Commissioner Movie Review

The Renji-Shaji combo, well-known for socio-political masala films, is back with their trademark theme and trenchant punch lines. A multi-starrer lead by Mammootty and Suresh Gopi, ‘The King and the Commissioner’ depicts the modern socio-political scenario as perceived by the protagonists. Advertisements even refer to it as a film with an extra bone!

The film begins with the plot hatched by Major Rana, a confirmed enemy of India, to kill the Prime Minister of India and unsettle the nation. The major has connections within the Indian State such as police officer Shankar (Devan) and Veerabhadra Chandra Moulishwara Maharaaj(Saikumar) a fake godman. The conspiracy was accidentally uncovered by Nedumudi Venu and his assistant and they had to pay the price for their discovery by death. To solve the mystery of the murder, Joseph Alex IAS and Bharath Chandran IPS, known for their efficacy and courage are deployed. The constant struggle between the evil and the good and the final outcome form the rest of the story.

The story revolves around 2 honest and brave officers battling the system from within. And the main protagonists are not names unfamiliar to us; Joseph Alex IAS and Bharathchandran IPS, popular creations of Renji Panicker in his earlier movies ‘The King’ and ‘Commissioner’.

After a 17 year gap, Renji and Shaji Kailas are back with a bang and this definitely reflects in their movie too! Thrilling and dialogue driven, the movie is sure to set audiences on fire!

The movie is based on communal and commercial politics wherein the main characters, Mammootty and Suresh Gopi, come together to investigate a crime.

Mammootty looks young and charismatic in his role as Joseph Alex and his dialogues are indeed gripping.
Suresh Gopi, always popular for his dialogue renditions, upholds his reputation with his hard-hitting screenplay and intermittent flare-ups.

Saikumar, the anti-hero deserves a special mention here too. He is fantastic in his outright negative role. His personality and the kind of arrogance he mirrors on screen, makes him an award-worthy performer. It’s no wonder then that he’s so spectacularly introduced in the movie on screen.

Devan has also been given a good performing role and he has done complete justice to it.
All the actors including Samvritha Sunil,Jayan, KPAC Lalitha, Kunjan and Spadikam George have been aptly cast and they have done a neat job.

The dialogues written by Renji are crisp and showered with English one-liners to add the extra punch!

Camerawork by Sharavanan, Shaji Kumar and Bharani K Dharan truly helped bring realism and dynamism to the action-adventure sequences. Samjith’s cuts and Rajamani’s background scores have also complemented the main theme and feel of the movie.

The chemistry between the leads is striking in ”The King & The Commissioner”.
Here’s a warning; the movie might look a little slow to begin with. But that’s only a temporary illusion. Once the story takes on, you may want to fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the roller-coaster!

An extremely compelling political drama and thriller, the movie is indeed a powerful comeback for the Shaji Kailas – Renji Panicker team.

Verdict: Mass Entertainer.

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